Multiplying Love

A Vision of United Methodist Life Together

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Multiplying Love
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Published September 2023

A Vision of United Methodist Life Together.

Our world needs love during these desperate days of radical polarization and division. Our United Methodist churches yearn to embrace love more completely because God first loved us. Our “faith” (including doctrine) is important; Christian “hope” (including renewal) is important; “love” of God and neighbor is more important. Multiplying Love underscores what matters most and stands in contrast to divisive misreadings of essential Methodist teachings. Chilcote helps us embrace anew the Wesleyan vision of love of Jesus as central to what we believe and how we live.

When I finished Multiplying Love, I found myself jumping up and down shouting, “Yes, yes, yes! Gosh, do we need this!” We are at a remaking moment in the church. Dr. Chilcote beautifully articulates the deeper theological vision that beckons and sustains us. Multiplying Love helped me more thoroughly embrace the kind of loving people we are hoping to become. That’s what it’s all about to me, and this book nails it!
—Rev. Christy Allen Holden, co-creator of The Channel UMC, a new hybrid community of faith (@christyallenholden)

Every United Methodist pastor would do well to invite their church council to read Paul Chilcote’s brief and powerful Multiplying Love. It recalls the power of the Wesleyan approach to the gospel and makes a compelling case for the future of The United Methodist Church. I loved this book!
—Rev. Adam Hamilton, Kansas pastor and author of Wrestling with Doubt, Finding Faith

About the Author

Dr. Paul W. Chilcote

Paul W. Chilcote is a Research Fellow at Wesley House in Cambridge, England. Previously, as a third-generation ordained elder, he pastored United Methodist churches, helped launch Africa University in Zimbabwe and Asbury Theological Seminary in Florida, and taught historical theology and Wesleyan studies at the Methodist Theological School, Ashland Theological Seminary and Duke Divinity School. He is a Benedictine Oblate of Mount Angel Abbey in Saint Benedictine, Oregon, and the author of more than thirty books, including Multiplying Love: A Vision of United Methodist Life Together.