Wesleyan Formation in Three Movements

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Published December 2023

A powerful guide for new and longtime United Methodists.

Upward! is a simple but brilliant course on Wesleyanism for regular people. It thoroughly and methodically guides readers through the distinctive qualities of the Wesleyan way—the theology, practices, habits, and attitudes that characterize Methodist people. Paul W. Chilcote and Steve Harper, two of Methodism’s most beloved teachers, offer this extraordinary book as an invitation to a life of wisdom and wonder in our current world. It is a book of both instruction and celebration, teaching (or reminding) us what makes the Wesleyan way most gracious and lovely.

Pastors and other leaders will use Upward as their primary resource for sharing the Wesleyan approach. It can be used in a wide variety of ways and settings—as a sermon series, congregation-wide study, or for new member classes, to name a few. Individuals will use the book as a personal study, ideally in connection with others.

Upward! helps leaders and readers to:
- correct misconceptions about Wesleyan theology
- clarify and reclaim Wesleyan theology
- gain a new framework for understanding Wesleyan theology and sharing it with others

About the Authors

Paul W. Chilcote

Paul W. Chilcote is a Research Fellow at Wesley House in Cambridge, England. Previously, as a third-generation ordained elder, he pastored United Methodist churches, helped launch Africa University in Zimbabwe and Asbury Theological Seminary in Florida, and taught historical theology and Wesleyan studies at the Methodist Theological School, Ashland Theological Seminary and Duke Divinity School. He is a Benedictine Oblate of Mount Angel Abbey in Saint Benedictine, Oregon, and the author of more than thirty books, including Multiplying Love: A Vision of United Methodist Life Together.

Steve Harper

Steve Harper is an acclaimed author, speaker, professor, and retired elder in the Florida Annual Conference of the United Methodist church. He taught in the disciplines of spiritual formation and Wesley studies for more than 30 years as a seminary professor. He has published many books with Abingdon Press, including Five Marks of a Methodist and Life in Christ. He is a frequent speaker at churches, conferences, retreats, and other events.