The Art of Hospitality Revised Edition

A Practical Guide for a Ministry of Radical Welcome

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The Art of Hospitality Revised Edition
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Published August 2024

Create a culture of radical hospitality that surprises and delights guests beyond their expectations.

Engaging worship and intentional follow-up processes are important, but what compels guests to return to our churches is the warmth of our welcome and hospitality that goes beyond their expectations. In The Art of Hospitality, Yvonne Gentile and Debi Nixon guide you and your church creating radical hospitality that infiltrates the heart and culture of the entire congregation. Complete with key principles and proven techniques and strategies, this compelling and practical program will transform the way you do church, leaving guests surprised, delighted, and eager to return.

This Revised Edition includes new insights and strategies for effective hospitality and welcome in all aspects of your digital and in-person ministry.

This book is for pastors and other leaders in the church. Choose the Companion Book for everyone else in the congregation.


About the Authors

Yvonne Gentile

Yvonne Gentile is the Senior Director of Hospitality and Connections at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas. Before joining church staff in 2011, Yvonne worked in an executive leadership capacity in retail, where she discovered the power of radical hospitality. She has been part of Resurrection since 1996 and served in numerous volunteer roles at Resurrection until 2011, when she joined the staff team, including leading the Spiritual Gifts Team, the Leadership Development team, and serving on the Committee on Nominations. She has led workshops and teaching events nationally on spiritual gifts, leadership development, building exceptional teams, volunteer management best practices, and radical hospitality. She is co-author of five books: Serving from the Heart: Finding Your Gifts and Talents for Service, Leadership from the Heart: Learning to Lead with Love & Skill, and Leadership Essentials: Practica

Debi Nixon

Debi Nixon serves as one of the Managing Executive Directors at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, with direct oversight of the Regional Campuses and Catalyst Ministry. She has served on the church staff in several key roles moving from volunteer to staff member in 1994 as the founding Director of Children's Ministries. She is passionate about the renewal of the church and helps lead Church of the Resurrections initiatives for leadership training and resource sharing for churches across the country. Debi has a BS in Marketing and spent ten years in corporate sales, training, special event planning, and retail management. She and her husband live in Olathe, Kansas.