Church Culture

How to Assess It, Shift It, and Shape It

By Jim Ozier
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Church Culture
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Published September 2024

Learn to understand culture and implement positive change.

A church’s culture is the launchpad for everything a church does, the starting point for every ministry. If the culture is “off,” everything else will be out of kilter. Church Culture equips every pastor and leader with the tools necessary for culture change. Authors Ozier and Thibodeaux, both experienced experts in this area of church leadership, teach the basic concepts so readers can understand what culture is and why it’s so crucial. Even more importantly, they provide a step-by-step process leaders can use to diagnose and gently shift the culture in their church. For some churches, wholesale change is in order, but most need only to make some crucial adjustments. The book provides tools for implementing the process in any setting. The pastor's top priority is creating and maintaining the church’s culture; Ozier and Thibodeaux make the tasks easy to understand and show leaders how to proceed capably and carefully.

About the Author

Jim Ozier

Jim Ozier is an established motivational speaker and presenter for religious groups, civic organizations, and corporations. Based on techniques and ideas learned from his experiences with Southwest Airlines, he has conducted numerous seminars on culture and hospitality for thousands of pastors and laity in churches, districts, and annual conferences. He lives in Irving, Texas.