By the Grace of God

My Life as an African Bishop

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By the Grace of God
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Published March 2024

An African bishop shares his story and ministry.

From the small Zimbabwean village of Gandanzara, Bishop Eben K. Nhiwatiwa arose to be an inspiring episcopal leader in The United Methodist Church. Elected as a bishop in 2004, Bishop Nhiwatiwa led the Zimbabwe Area through many changes in the church, both locally and globally.

In his book By the Grace of God, the bishop takes the reader through his educational odyssey, winding through both Zimbabwe and the United States. He narrates with humor his introduction to the U.S. and its very different customs. He inspires by telling the story of the remarkable series of events that led to his becoming an elected bishop.

This book also provides a succinct master class on the art and science of leadership. An avid reader and learner on the topic, Bishop Nhiwatiwa synthesizes his most important gleanings as a repertoire of leadership skills.

Bishop Nhiwatiwa became known as the “Chabadza Bishop,” advocating for true partnerships with churches and conferences in other parts of the world. Chabadza is a Shona word meaning “to give a helping hand to someone who is already working.” He strongly believes that people asking for help need to be active workers in the project for which they are asking for help or money. The bishop played a huge part in changing the idea of simply giving money, aiming to eliminate the dependency syndrome.

Bishop Nhiwatiwa believes that “life-changing events in my life took place, not because of my sustained goal to pursue a certain objective, but that by the grace of God, I am where I am today.”
The United Methodist Church in the twenty-first century is richer for having had Bishop Nhiwatiwa’s leadership in this season.

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