Parables Leader Guide

Putting Jesus's Stories in Their Place

Book - Paperback
Parables Leader Guide
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Published February 2025

Read the stories of Jesus in a new light.

The Leader Guide contains discussion questions and session plans for a six-week study of Parables: Putting Jesus’s Stories in Their Place, by Josh Scott. It includes opening and closing prayers, optional activities, and session goals for each week and is designed to be used with the book and DVD.

When Jesus taught in parables, he was doing more than telling simple morality tales. His stories were grounded in the world in which he lived and his vision of the Kingdom of God. This book explores six parables that give us a window into Jesus’s message and movement, and, once they are heard in their own context, ask what they might mean for us today. Parables include: the New Wine and Wineskins, the Mustard Seed, the Leaven, the Wedding Party, the Workers in the Vineyard, and the Wicked Tenants.

Other components for the study include the book, Parables: Putting Jesus’s Stories in Their Place, and teaching video are available.

About the Author

Josh Scott

Josh Scott has been a pastor for the last two decades, spending 14 years leading a progressive church in rural Kentucky before moving to Nashville and serving as the Lead Pastor at GracePointe Church in April 2019. Josh is an active voice in the conversation of imagining the future of progressive Christianity, with the focus of his work on reimagining, reframing, and reclaiming faith through a progressive Christian lens, while making those concepts and ideas practically accessible. Josh is the author of the upcoming Context: Putting Scripture in Its Place, releasing in April 2024. He lives near Nashville, TN with his wife, Carla, and five kids.