Non-fiction Submissions

Abingdon Press provides resources that meet the needs of people who seek and would serve God. We produce and deliver resources for use in ministry and for individual faith development. Among these products are leadership books, church supply items, church program resources, curriculum resources, and a host of other print and digital media.

We suggest that a prospective author first submit for consideration a proposal (including short summary, intended audience, chapter outline, author biography, platform, and marketing plan) as well as 1-2 sample chapters, one of which is the first chapter. Submit your proposal online at

The author should retain a copy of any unsolicited material submitted, since Abingdon Press cannot assume responsibility for the receipt, security, or return of such material.

We do not accept submissions of poetry, memoir, fiction, biography, autobiographhy, occult, or children's books.

Careful attention is given to every project submitted. Thank you for your interest in Abingdon Press.