The Wesleyan Way Presenters


Including Bishop Scott Jones, presenters on the eight week Bible study include:

Andy Nixon, pastor of The Loft, an innovative faith community launched out of The Woodlands Church in Texas. Andy talks about his own journey to faith after being raised in a nonreligious household, and how he has come to understand just how radical God’s love for us is and the power of salvation in Christ. To learn more about Andy and his ministry, visit www. or

 Adam Hamilton, pastor of The Church of the resurrection, in Leawood, Kansas. Adam explains how the real test of faith is not in intellectual arguments or understanding, but in showing love to others. To learn more about Adam and his ministry, visit www. or

 Olu Brown, leader of Impact Church, an innovative congregation in Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up in—and serving in—communities that struggle from a lack of resources, Olu emphasizes the importance of being a countercultural, prophetic voice to help alleviate suffering and oppression in our world. To learn more about Olu and his ministry, visit

Jorge Acevedo, pastor of Grace Church, a multisite congregation with four campuses across southwest Florida. From his experience reaching out to “the people no one wants or sees,” Jorge emphasizes radical hospitality and love. Wesleyan Christians acknowledge God working in every person’s life, but we all have different experiences on the journey of grace. To learn more about Jorge and his ministry, visit

 Jessica Moffatt Seay, pastor of First United Methodist Church in Ardmore, Oklahoma, a big church in a small town. Jessica shares from her own family history an apt metaphor for how we experience the grace of God. To learn more about Jessica and her ministry, visit

 Felicia Hopkins, a former army chaplain and current senior associate pastor at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in el Paso, Texas. Felicia discusses how God’s love transforms us into people passionate about showing love to others. To learn more about Felicia and her ministry, visit or

Rob Fuquay, pastor of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Indianapolis. Rob talks about the ways people come to faith and the role we can play in bringing people to Christ. To learn more about Rob and his ministry, visit