The Wesleyan Way Videos


Below is a video selection found in The Wesleyan Way Bible Study.

Faith Stories

As part of The Wesleyan Way Bible Study by Bishop Scott Jones, the video presenters introduced us to people whose personal faith stories lift up the deep issues of grace, connection, service, mission, hope and God’s presence.

Adam: Bless the Schools (4:39)  Adam Hamilton describes the partnership that his congregation has begun with local schools in underserved areas of Kansas City. He lifts up the Wesleyan emphasis on care for the poor and access to education.

Amy: Not Broken But Broken Open  (5:25).  Amy’s son was born prematurely and, while she and her husband were assured he was in good health, an unexpected infection took his life. In this very emotional testimony, Amy tells us how their faith carried them through grief.

Rob: A Deeper Faith (4:45). Rob’s life was completely turned around after experiencing a heart attack in Sunday worship. His health scare led him to deeper questions about faith and purpose.

Scott: Grace Through Addiction (4:43).  Scott shares his struggle with alcohol and prescription drug addiction and how faith helped him change his life and find his own ministry helping others dealing with addiction.

Wes: God Was With Us (2:45).  Wes Olds is interviewed by Jorge Acevedo. Wes and his wife lost their son at birth and found support from doctors, family and friends and even a message of hope from their preschool son, Caleb.