Leading while female can be life-giving and spiritually fulfilling, yet lonely and difficult. In a world of glass ceilings, harassment, and “boy’s clubs,” women often encounter obstacles when they seek to forge ahead in their work to leave a positive mark through their labor, personal efforts, and causes. Women business leaders, political candidates, clergy, and trailblazers of all kinds need the support and encouragement of their fellow women. We are not intended to walk through life alone, and by raising each other up in prayer we will, in turn, be inspired in our own efforts, grow in our faith, be understanding of shortfalls, and celebrate successes along with our fellow women.


This inspiring collection has 100 devotions and includes multiple prayers for special occasions. The book is divided into five sections: CALL, STRUGGLE, COURAGE, RESISTANCE, and PERSISTENCE.

Women from the We Pray With Her group, a grassroots movement turned online collective of women faith leaders, wrote the included devotions and prayers.  These women serve all over the country, from upstate New York to the West Coast to Atlanta to rural North Dakota. They also serve in a variety of ministerial roles in the local church, chaplaincy, academia, and more.

We invite you to join us in supporting women who lead in all walks of life – with your prayers, through mentoring, and through daily acts of solidarity with the women in your life and community.

The We Pray With Her editorial board celebrates the completion of the book's manuscript!

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