Download the Abingdon Worship Planning Sampler


Enjoy the first chapter from eight Abingdon worship planning books.

What changes will you make this fall to refresh and renew your services of worship?

Will your plans include people worshiping remotely and in person? 

How might you use time this summer to take stock, evaluate, and analyze your worship?

How might you reinvent your worship practices, to involve more people, to teach the true meaning of worship?

This year, after facing so many challenges, the return to worship, study, and fellowship will be especially sweet for many congregations. Summertime is a chance to reflect on all you have experienced and learned, and to listen for God’s voice as you plan for the months to come. You might see how some of the habits you were ‘forced’ into last year are productive and healthy. You might see some new weaknesses or gaps. You might explore a radically new approach for worship in your community. 

We encourage you to set aside time this summer for yourself and your worship teams to reflect and plan. To help you with that work, we invite you to look at the books in this sampler. Read a few sample chapters and choose a book to study. We believe at least one of these resources will provide the focus you need as you envision a deeply meaningful, joyous return to worship this fall.