Awakened to a Calling

Reflections on the Vocation of Ministry

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"For anyone responding to a call to the ministry, this book will be an excellent guide."  --Jimmy Carter, Thirty-ninth President of the United States and Nobel Peace Prize Winner

The Fund for Theological Education (FTE) annually invites our nation's premier preachers to address a group of young adults who are considering a vocation in pastoral ministry. As part of the FTE's honoring of their outgoing president, Dr. James Waits, for his remarkable service, they have collected these superb sermons. These eight sermons on vocation offer an important resource for high school and college students making vocational decisions, for older adults considering vocational changes, and for all who teach and mentor in the area of vocational discernment and who help others sort out a commitment to professional ministry.

The purpose of the Ministry Conference, and the sermons delivered at the event, intersects well with Abingdon's mission to help form pastors who will serve the church faithfully and effectively. The preachers are highly recognizable and respected individuals who will serve as trusted and wise guides for discerning a ministry vocation. They include Fred Craddock, Walter Brueggemann, Tom Long, Barbara Brown Taylor, and Brad Braxton.

The volume includes an annotated bibliography of publications on ministry as a vocation, and a foreword by Dr. James T. Laney, former Ambassador to South Korea, President of Emory University, and Dean of Candler School of Theology. He is currently a faculty member of Emory's Center for Ethics. He chairs the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia, is a trustee of the Henry Luce Foundation, and chairs (with Andrew Young) The Faith and The City Program in Atlanta.


"For anyone responding to a call to the ministry, this book will be an excellent guide. Its creation is a superb way to honor Jim Waits, an admirable leader in advancing the preparation of ministers." 
                                                                  Jimmy Carter, Thirty-ninth President of the United States

Like manna from heaven, these sermons are wholesome and life-giving food for those discerning whether they have been called to the ministry. Such filling homilies even speak to people who have long feasted on God’s word. Whether you are searching for new sustenance in your future or need to return to the welcome table, Awakened to a Calling serves us a scrumptious diet of powerful preaching. God calls all who listen to the unique yearning in our souls.

            Dwight N. Hopkins, author of Heart and Head: Black Theology--Past, Present, and Future

"These are wonderful sermons! Personal, humane, honest, and witty--true to life and true to God’s good news. They honor a great calling. And they honor a fine person who made that calling his own and found powerful ways to share it with others. Give this book to anyone with ears to hear."

Craig Dykstra, Vice President, Religion, Lilly Endowment, Inc.