Victoria Duerstock's new book, Heart & Home for Christmas, is now available! 

These short devotions draw a clear connection between the basics of interior design and scripture to encourage spiritual growth. The devotions in both books include a scripture, reflective writing, a prayer, and a design or lifestyle tip accompanied by a gorgeous photograph of a designed space.

In Heart & Home: Design Basics for Your Soul and Living Space, Victoria writes 90 devotionals about topics such as unity and harmony, focal points, balance, and negative space. In Heart & Home for Christmas: Celebrating Joy in Your Living Space, she understands that all the tasks and stress of the holiday season make it easy to forget true joy.
In these 100 devotionals, she connects easy decorating tips with spiritual thoughts for reflecting the true spirit of Christmas in your home and actions.

“As I read Heart & Home, I was captivated not only by the beauty and elegance on every page and in every word, but more importantly I was inspired to see how spaces can transform lives. Creating a home is a sacred undertaking. Building a home that inspires, comforts, engages, and transforms hearts leads to healthy individuals, families, and communities. I was challenged to think about how our homes can be used to focus us on God; how every color, design, and object can strengthen our soul. I hope that Victoria’s book will also inspire you and refresh your heart and home.”

—Robert Wallstrom, CEO Vera Bradley

Victoria Duerstock

Victoria Duerstock is a writer, blogger, teacher, and speaker. Her mission is to intentionally seek to inspire hope and ignite bigger dreams for God’s purpose in each of our stories. She also enjoys speaking at writer’s conferences and boot camps about platform building and life lessons for writers. Duerstock has a master’s degree in music, but ended up working in the furniture industry for over twenty years. She maintains the blogs Encouraging Women Today, Everything’s Gravy, and Creative Corner. She manages content for Serious Writer Academy and also has contributed to devotionals for Worthy. She lives in Nesbit, Mississippi.